Visionary and Shamanic Art is near and dear to my heart. For much of my life, at least since my teenage years, I have had a connection and fascination with the unseen aspects of our world. I was naturally drawn to energy work, in particular healing work when I was 16. Perhaps it was something from a past life, or perhaps it was something innately within me from birth, but there were no external sources or influences around me at that time. I just knew that I could do hands on healing energy work.

The connection to spirituality and fascination with healing stuck with me over the years, waxing and waning as my day to day life would interfere. Then, roughly seven years ago, I started studying and training in Shamanism. This endeavor brought all my interests, and passions together. I now had a deeper understanding of the natural connection between the earth, its inhabitants, the cosmos, and the energy that flowed, and made up all of it. This is what I try to incorporate into the visionary and shamanic art that I create. It’s also what I try to infuse into the commissioned art I do for clients.

It brings me intense joy to bring a client’s vision to life, whether that be a portrait of their power animal, or a representation of a shamanic journey that they’ve had, or even a powerful dream that they’ve experienced. No matter what they would like created, there is so much energy within the subject matter, and so many potential messages, and teachings within the work.

Visionary and Shamanic art is so varied, that each piece requires a custom approach and price. So if you’re interested in having a piece of art created, please click the button below to contact me, and we can discuss what you’re looking for, different aspects of my process, and I can give you an accurate price quote.

A list of the visionary and shamanic art that I’ve been commissioned to do:

  • Power Animal Portrait
  • Power Animal Retrieval and Portrait (I will journey to find your power animal and then create a portrait for you.)
  • Portrait of a spirit guide or teacher
  • Shamanic Journey Painting
  • Shamanic Drum Painting
  • Shamanic Journey and Painting (I will journey for you based on your request and then create a painting representing that journey)
  • Dream Painting
  • Energetic Painting
  • Logo creation for your visionary, shamanic, or spiritually based business