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Clara Bush, Author of The Creep Mesquite Anthology and The Other Kind

“Writers are encouraged to create a brand of their own for marketing purposes. Fear struck after I completed my first novella, and I knew the branding task fell to me. I wanted my book’s cover to portray a campy, horror, science fiction theme indicative of the fifties.

I knew what I wanted, but would anyone else?

I spoke with a couple of artists, who actually said, I don’t get it. Imagine my relief when I pitched my concept to Kip Ayers and his excitement matched mine. I gave Kip an idea with a few snippets of information, and he created a masterpiece.

Now, four novellas and five novels later, Kip continues to astound me, creating beautiful covers with perfect composition and color. In my eyes, Kip is synonymous with white knight, dragon slayer, rescuer of writers’ dreams.

It’s as if he can read my mind and deliver awesome artwork no matter what the subject matter, from extraterrestrials to werewolves to attractive women. My readers comment on how they are drawn to my books because of the covers. Thank you, Kip Ayers, for four years of artistic mastery and for your friendship. You are my number one marketing strategy.” ~Clara Bush