Who is Kip?

Digital Artist, student of Shamanism and energy healing, Film Buff and self-proclaimed Bird Nerd (AKA Bird Watcher), Kip Ayers is a walker of two juxtaposing worlds. Born and raised in upstate New York, Kip learned his greatest lessons from the natural world around him. From the local streams and forests he learned how to play, create, and untether his imagination.

In his early teen years, Kip was entranced with the magic of film, video games, computers, and the electronic seeds were planted.

Since then he has spent his life trying to balance this dichotomy.

Today, Kip works as a digital illustrator from his home studio. He’s heavily influenced by both the digital and natural worlds. When he’s not creating illustrations or shamanic influenced art, he enjoys playing guitar, Native American flute, attending shamanic drum circle, watching films, hiking and bird nerding.

About Kip’s Art:

Although classically trained in painting and sculpture, Kip put down the brush and picked up the digital stylus over ten years ago. In the course of a year he taught himself digital illustration techniques, went to work as a full time illustrator and has been honing his skills ever since.

Kip’s work focuses on the use of color and light. In his personal work he aspires to meld the digital and natural worlds. He uses his shamanic and energetic healing experience to imbue the art with a sense of energy, motion, and in turn he gives the art a life of its own.

What it’s like working with Kip:

Some years ago he was honored with the title “Clairvoyant Artist”. Time and time again his clients have commented on his ability to take their simple descriptions and deliver an illustration that captured their vision perfectly, often including elements that the client was thinking of, but had not shared. He takes the time necessary to connect with his clients and make sure they are truly happy with the art.

Aside from his intuitive nature, Kip prides himself on his professionalism. He is a stickler for deadlines, and puts a tremendous amount of passion and energy into his art. He welcomes all commissions, large or small, simple or complex, and treats each client with the same kindness and respect.